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Charitable Efforts

Thanks to our 2023 Golf Sponsors

The History

Every year ASIS Chapter 52 hosts a charity golf event to support two very important initiatives to invest in the next generation of our community and the promotion of professionals in our industry.

The first initiative that the charity golf event supports is the Andrew Jackson Lodge #5 Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Youth Camp. This camp has been a safe haven for kids over the last 50 years and is the oldest charitable endeavor for any FOP lodge in the US. The camp is about giving underprivileged girls and boys from our community the chance to experience greater opportunity, help develop team building skills, self discipline, breaking down cultural barriers and giving these kids a vision for the future. The mission of the camp is to keep the kids off of the streets, away from gangs and drugs, provide positive role models, show kids that the community cares, and provide much needed school supplies for the following year in order to keep an established bond with the law enforcement volunteers who run the camp.  It is all about investing in our next generation.

The other extremely important initiative that the charity golf event supports is the

David S. Hawtin, CPP Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Dave devoted his life to public safety and security.  He worked as a police officer in Oxnard, CA, in Brentwood, TN, and for the TN State Office of Homeland Security. He also worked in the private sector as a facilitator for first responder training and as a security manager. David took pride in his educational accomplishments and his active participation in professional associations. In his ‘spare time’ Dave served for many years with the Middle Tennessee Chapter of ASIS as Chapter Secretary, managing to streamline and modernize the chapter’s communications. He later became the Southeast Assistant Regional Vice President for ASIS. Dave leaves behind friends that carry on his legacy as a person who invested in many. The fund in his honor awards annual scholarships to individuals from our community who are pursuing studies in security or law enforcement.

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of ASIS believes in service before self.

As the longest running charitable project operated by a local FOP lodge (50 years and counting), the Andrew Jackson Youth Camp has made a difference in the lives of many children. See for yourself in our photo gallery the daily activities that keep these kids excited to come back every summer.


ASIS Middle Tennessee Chapter 52 is privileged to be a supporter of the Andrew Jackson Youth Camp. Each year, ASIS Middle Tennessee holds a charity golf tournament to raise funds to benefit the efforts of the FOP Youth Camp. Through the charitable efforts of many supporters and sponsors, ASIS Middle Tennessee has raised $40,000 since 2017 that has directly benefitted disadvantaged youth in our community through the efforts of the FOP Youth Camp. 

David S. Hawtin CPP Mem Schol Fund.JPG

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of ASIS - Chapter 052, established the David S. Hawtin, CPP Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor a man who spent his life working in law enforcement and security as a true professional, caring mentor, and concerned practitioner. Dave grew up on the west coast and was an avid surfer. After settling down and while raising a family, he decided that law enforcement was his life’s avocation. He was a police officer in Oxnard, California and had many stories of gangs, drugs and violent crimes. He migrated to Tennessee where he became a Brentwood Police Officer, serving for some time as a traffic enforcement officer. Dave transferred to the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security and worked for the Governor’s Office and in the Fusion Center in a number of capacities. After public service Dave served in the private sector where he planned and executed emergency and disaster response training and drills, a job that he loved. Dave completed his security career as a highly respected portfolio manager for Electrolux, working for Allied Universal.

In his ‘spare time’ Dave volunteered for many years with the Middle Tennessee Chapter of ASIS as Chapter Secretary, managing to streamline and modernize the chapter’s communication system. He later became the Region 4A Assistant Regional Vice President for ASIS. Dave was extremely intelligent, well-versed in security matters, emergency preparedness and terrorism, an expert on the Sovereign Citizen movement, and an individual who was always ready with a helping hand. He believed in continuing education and promoted the ASIS scholarship program at every turn. He had a Master of Arts degree in National Security, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and was Board Certified through ASIS as a Certified Protection Professional. He presented and lectured at the ASIS National Convention, for law enforcement agencies, and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.

Dave passed away on June 3, 2017 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Dave lived his final days in the same manner that he addressed all of his responsibilities; planning every detail to the letter to ensure that no one had to do his job. Dave was a husband, father, son, and brother to his family, and friend and brother to all Chapter 052 members. It was with deepest respect, admiration, and love that the Board of ASIS Middle Tennessee unanimously agreed to dedicate the Middle Tennessee Scholarship Fund in honor of our colleague and friend for his deep commitment to the security profession and law enforcement community. In years to come, the Chapter hopes to better the lives of many students as they further their education and pursue degrees in fields that will change society for the better and act as an example of the man who exemplified professionalism and left our lives far too soon.

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