Safety and Security Awareness

Chapter member Herman Statum shared the following on safety and security for you and your family.


The following tips are provided by the author as a service to the community. They can help make you and your family safer during the holidays and throughout the year.

As a precaution, always look inside your vehicle before getting in it and be watchful that you are not being followed when leaving a bank or ATM machine. If ever faced with a robbery situation, it is normally best not struggle with the robbers, especially if they are armed, and risk personal injury.

When shopping or traveling, park your vehicle in a secured or lighted area. Always lock all doors even if you stop for only a few minutes.

Keep the contents of your vehicle out of sight. Lock gifts, packages and other valuables in the trunk or rear of your vehicle.

Travel and shop with companions whenever possible during the daytime, as well as at night. There is greater safety in numbers.

Never leave your purse or wallet in an open or unattended shopping cart. They should always be in your sight and in your direct possession.

Going away for the holidays? Don’t advertise it. Arrange with a neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers. Use timers to turn lights and a radio on and off at appropriate times to give your home a “lived in” look. You also may want to ask a neighbor or friend to park their car in your driveway while you are gone.

Secure your office or work area. Lock up sensitive papers or valuables when leaving your office. Take personal items with you for safekeeping. Lap top computers are high-theft items and should be left only in areas that are secured.

Don’t let friends or family members drive after drinking. Use a designated driver when attending parties or functions where alcohol is served. Also avoid fatigue and take appropriate rest breaks to remain alert especially on long trips.

When returning home from shopping or a trip, if you notice your door ajar or other signs of tampering, your first impulse may be to rush inside to see what has happened. Please control that impulse with caution. If you should surprise a burglar inside your home or apartment, it can be very dangerous. If you think that a burglar may still be inside, go to a neighbor or the nearest phone and contact your local police.

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